Volume measurements are here!

Volume measurements are now available in WebODM!

Make sure to ./webodm.sh update to enable them.

Thank you all for all the feedback and contributions that have been made to bring this to realization. :clinking_glasses:




“Make sure to check the “dsm” option in the task preset when you create a task.”

Algorithm of Volume calculation
The volume feature is an amazing addition to ODM platform.
A little confusion in the calculation of volume. What is the algorithm used for volume calculation? Is there any GRASS GIS algorithms working in the back end?

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Precisely :slight_smile:

Improvements / suggestions are welcome.

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Thanks @pierotofy . :slight_smile:
What does the points input do in the calculation? Anything relating to the convex hull method?

They are used to compute the bspline surface.

Is there a way to measure lengths with more precision? Currently, it rounds to meters, but when you need to measure small distances or more accurate distances, the error measured is significative.
Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a feature request. Can you log something here?:

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