Connecting WebODM to SW Maps via XYZ tiles?

I use WebODM to help farmers evaluate their fields. I like the web interface of WebODM. It works very well on mobile phones. This makes it easy for farmers to view the ortho images quickly after a flight. However, it would be really cool if I could connect SW Maps (an app for displaying and recording GIS data in the field) with the WebODM ortho.

I have done this in a three step process. 1) Download the WebODM ortho. 2) Convert ortho to MBtile in QGIS. 3) Transfer to phone so SW Maps can read the file.

I wish I could just connect SW Maps to the online WebODM XZY tiles. However, based on the post “Can’t get the Orthophoto TMS layer” it seems this is not really possible. I know I can move the WebODM ortho to another server as suggested, but then I have more disk usage, and a more complicated system. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something that could make this process easier. - Seth

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It’s possible:


You just need to make sure the task is shared (public).


Thanks a million. This worked perfectly!!!


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