Difficulty getting z x y tile link to work

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I am having difficuly figuring out how to get this to work. I shared a task through the share button in webodm and the link that it generates works to view , but not able to get it work if I replace “/map” at the end of the link with orthophoto/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
as in the example from Piero.

Hope this makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated.

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To be clear, you’ve tried to add it via QGIS on the same machine (or at least within the same local network) via the XYZ Tile Data Source?

Yes I have added the connection in qgis however its not working. I imagine there is some processing of the original orthophoto to a xyz tile that I am missing. My original objective was to be able to view a basemap in sw maps with more detail, but I dont think it will matter since the level of zoom is limited in sw maps.

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You’ve processed the dataset with the --tile option to generate the XYZ tileset?

I hadnt before, but I reran a particular dataset as a test and checked the -tile option. I see in the talk folder with the tile folders. what is the next step in this workflow? Thanks for the help!

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With an xyz tileset generated, you should just be able to follow the guide you were using before.

Since this product isn’t generated unless explicitly set, I’m thinking the issues you had prior were that there was no tileset to connect to.

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