.tif support

Currently ODM can only process JPG images. Many users have inquired about supporting .tif.

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To add to this, multi-band tif support would be ideal so we could support processing for multispectral imagery.


Is this proposal already in development?

I thought of the following workaround to achieve that goal (basic idea is to first stitch only one band of the sequoia using ODM and then put the 4 different textures of the 4 different bands on the same mesh one after the other):

  1. Compute the Orthofoto for band 1 using ODM (outputting all the intermediate steps)

  2. Delete band 1 images and replace them with band 2 images

  3. Restart ODM with option --rerun-from mvs_texturing

repeat steps 2 and 3 for all bands

I tried this and hoped it would give me 4 final orthophotos for all 4 bands. Unfortunately, I only got 4 orthophotos with the texture of band 1 (with slight variations). I assume that means that the original JPGs are not used during the texturing procedure. Can you point out, which files I would have to replace with the JPGs of band 2, 3 and 4 so that not band 1 is used again and again for the texturing and orthophoto generation?

Also, did I understand this process correctly? As I understood, there is some kind of “mapping” of each pixel in the original JPGs to a “location” on the mesh. And could this “mapping”-information then be applied to all the different sequoia bands (without recalculating the “mapping” itself)?