There are no usable processing nodes

Hello, I got this message and can´t process my images. It happened after I had forgot my user name



This is the message:

There are no usable processing nodes. We tried to reach:

Make sure that at least one processing node is reachable and that you have granted the current user sufficient permissions to view the processing node (by going to Administration – Processing Nodes – Select Node – Object Permissions – Add User/Group and check CAN VIEW PROCESSING NODE). If you are bringing a node back online, it will take about 30 seconds for WebODM to recognize it.

If you haven’t already fixed this, I ran into the same thing recently. User permissions was not the issue in my case, despite the hint. I stopped everything, ran “./ update” and then started again with “./ start”. It worked fine from there. (You may also need to delete the existing processing node from the list under “Processing Nodes”. Then restart. I recall doing that also, but I’m not sure it was part of the fix.)


Thank you very much Corey, maybe that´s de reason. I am updating and is taking very long

Update will take a very long time if you have a lot of data because it will need to convert all your existing data into the current formats. So be very patient.

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I was patient and it worked thank you!