Node-odm-1 seems to be offline on ubuntu20.04

Hello! I got this message and cannot process my images. I’ve tried methods in Question [There are no usable processing nodes - WebODM - OpenDroneMap Community] (There are no usable processing nodes) and Question How to solve “node-odm-1 seems to be offline” problem - WebODM - OpenDroneMap Community, but still can’t solve my problem.

Hostname 	webodm-node-odm-1
Port 	3000
API Version 	None
Engine 	None
Engine Version 	None
Queue Count 	0
Max Images Limit 	None
Label 	node-odm-1
Last Refreshed 	ago ()
Options (JSON) 	


I installed opendronemap the first time on Ubuntu20.04, and on the Vmware Station 15.5 Pro. My docker version is 20.10.20.

Through sudo docker run -p 3000:3000 opendronemap/nodeodm I can see the node-odm-1 has started.

Maybe it is the virtual environment makes my attempt failed?

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Can you try upgrading the VM fully using something like topgrade, adding your user to the docker group, rebooting the VM, and trying again (without sudo)?

I installed WebODM on my Windows 10 and it seems fine now. Though I still didn’t solve the problem on VM.
Thanks anyway.

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