How to Setup the WebODM on a server

I am a non techie guy who wants to host the WebODM on a server to process the drone images . I have to process more than 2000 images for big projects , So i want to know what specifications of server would be required for the above requirements ? I am more interested for Digital Ocean . Do i require docker ? and after installing WebODM can I share the map in my website for reference for my clients ?

Please help me regarding this as soon as possible


i would suggest paying for the installer. it is worth the money. all you need to know is how to set up a basic Ubuntu server and then just run the installer.

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So I want to know what server specifications required for working on about 2000 images in this software online

About 48GB RAM machine to err on the safe side. Or use for processing. (disclaimer: I run the service). Then you can load WebODM (the UI) with a 2GB machine.

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Pierotofy. Is there a rule of thumb for number of cpu cores also? or a ratio of images/RAM/CPU?

The more cores the better, but they might increase memory usage. No definitive rules here.

So if i go for offline application for processing , is there any way to share or get the iframe to show the final output in my website for my clients?

You can pull the task ID via the API, then construct the iframe URL and embed it on a site. That’s how I do it.



How to link the and get the output results and show in the ui ?

The Lightning network is for processing datasets. It’s not for presenting data to your clients.

I need such a system where i can process the datasets offline (I have offline paid software to do that) and upload or show the results to the client in my portal (either by embedding the iframe or any other way ) online like the WebODM shows (Check the view live demo part of WebODM) . I am a non techie guy , please help me to do this feature.

I am curious about this setup that you have displayed for your AeroSurvey Deforestation project. See attached image. Are you saying there is a way to frame that on your website without actually running WebODM on your website server? I currently process my projects on a high powered standalone laptop workstation. However obviously I cannot share the project with anyone because it is only on my laptop. I have a website and would love to be able to frame my WebODM project on it like you have. What would be the workflow for this? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

“Are you saying there is a way to frame that on your website without actually running WebODM on your website server?”

Yes, though there’s more than just an embedded iframe going on there. The processing controls, file uploading and job processing are all linked from the UI to different bits of the API. Having a separate UI in front of ODM allows for much greater control, such as linking them to payment gateways and having accounts for users automatically created after payment without operator intervention, so we’re able to both present our own work and allow others to sign up and process their own datasets for display too.

We’ve also developed our own GCP interface, which you can see a piece of by clicking the Maps & Ground Control Points tab, as well as vegetation indexing which we implemented last year (though WebODM has also just implemented one recently too). We’ve got annotation on the horizon also.

We’ve already created custom dashboard UIs for other companies with their own domain and branding, and these are able to use processing nodes from us or from them. This is seemless to the end user - they see exactly what you want them to and it will appear to be your own company running things. Send me a PM if you’re interested in us building one for you. Note that we have signed an exclusivity agreement with one customer in Europe that might impact a new arrangement, however if you’re outside of Europe you’re fine.

We’re based in Wellington, New Zealand. This is us:

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Hi ITWarrior.

I am very interested in developing something similar here in Brazil.
Would you provide this type of service?
How can I contact you?

Thanks you.

Only just seen this message, apologies. You can contact us using the details at: or

Though your location and user name sound familiar so I think you may have already reached out to us.

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