Downloading assets and using on Google Earth or something similar?

How do you recommend taking measurements off of the data once it is processed?

Do I need to import the data into something like Google Earth? Would you happen to have any instructions on how to do this? I need a way to share with my customers and allow them to take measurements, annotate (if possible), etc.

Would also like to be able to import the model into some website that my customers can utilize. Is any of this possible? Thanks everyone!

Hi, and welcome.

Can you please provide more context. Are you using WebODM? If so, there are tools to perform measurements:

If not, what platform are you on? Are you familiar with any GIS software, such as QGIS?

If you need more in-depth materials for learning, this book is an incredible resource, and is developed by UAV4Geo, parent organization of OpenDroneMap. Funds contribute directly to improving OpenDroneMap for everyone.

Thanks for the reply. I am not using WebODM, but I did use the Lightning to create the map. I need something to work basically like Drone Deploy, where I can easily share and allow my customers to manipulate. Just looking for a new platform to use. WebODM wouldn’t help my situation, that I am aware of.

Would QGIS work? Google Earth? Would ultimately like something that can show 3D models and maps

Not a web-dev person, so I’m not sure what the answer would be aside from self-host a WebODM instance on a server.

What manipulation needs to be done?

QGIS Server (or GeoServer) could also fit the bill.

QGIS and Google Earth would be for local display and manipulation, only. I’d say QGIS is going to be far more competent and powerful for that.

Easy viewing. Mostly measurements and annotations.

WebODM. You can load the models from lightning into it, and you can connecting lightning as a node to it.

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OK. How would my customer access all of this without installing WebODM or any software?

WebODM can be installed on a sever accessible to the internet.

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OK. Would the customer have to install software on their end or is it accessible from web browser?

They’d need to have a recent web-browser. Firefox, Chrome, or new Edge.

Old Edge is fine for everything but 3D pointcloud view.

Could you please point me in the direction of where I can see the features, how to setup, etc?

This post should be a good starting point:

This thread covers installation on a server:

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