Failure On "Share to DroneDB" in WeboDM

Hi, I am new here but can’t get very far.

Everytime I try to use the “Share to DroneDB” in WeboDM it fails with “DroneDB plugin error”.

Is there any fix for this?

(see screenshot attached).


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Sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, no screenshot is attached.

Can you also fill out some details about your system, WebODM version, how much space you have in your DroneDB account, etc?

Sure. Version 1.9.18 Build 84

I am using the Free “Trial” Version of DroneDB (2 GB) to evaluate if this solution even works.

One other thing to note. Under the Drone DB Tab in WebODM, (The place that links to stores my User ID and Password. But The password always blanks out and does not seem to save. Additionally, there is typically just 1 files transferred to DroneDB - the DSM.TIF or some other file. The file transferred seems random.

On the WebODS side the failure message is typically DroneDB Plugin Error" .

I click the “Share to DroneDB” button and the Button Name itself eventually changes to “DroneDB Plugin Error” .

The outlined Text box under the button says “Error uploading file odm_orthophoto.tif. Failed to upload file.”…

How can I attach a Screen Shot? Log Files?

PS: I purchased the Installer program to avoid this kind of fiddling around, but it looks like more fiddling is needed??

Thanks for your help.


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I’m looking into this!


Any Idea how I can Attach / Send the log files?

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Let’s hold off on that unless Hedoth needs the logs :sunglasses:

Hello… Any progress? Should I remove and reload everything?


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I do not believe Hedoth has finalized submitting of their fix quite yet.

You can manually upload the data using your browser or DroneDB Desktop (or CLI, if you’re so inclined) in the meantime.

We’ve just undergone a ton of refactoring across the entire software ecosystem, so there are some edges that need filing now :blush:

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Consider the edge filed!

This’ll be making it’s way out to the Docker images today, and we will hopefully have it bundled up for Windows native shortly after.

How will I deploy it? Using the same purchased loader?

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Yes, using the Update function in the Tools menu or by re-downloading the installer and running it again.

So where is the option to share to DroneDB (windows Native)

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You will need to enable the plugin in the Administration panel under Plug-ins.

I’ll take a look

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ok, so I’ve enabled the plugin so how do i now share to droneDB, I see no way to do it or can’t I do it for already created assets

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should be visible once a task is expanded.


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Thanks got it now it now, however I’m getting the failed upload message as per screenshot, WebODM is up to date (1.9.16)

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We might need to push out another WebODM update to capture the fix for this module.

Can you use the browser or DroneDB Desktop in the interim?

Yep no problem

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Sorry for the trouble!