Using NGINX proxy

Hello there.

I’m trying to set up an Ubuntu box where I can access Webodm via https:///webodm since I have other web services running on this box and don’t want to open up another port in the firewall. These other web services all use nginx proxy to other ports with no problems.

A post from earlier this year had a similar starting point to myself for the nginx location config that I’d like to investigate further:

   location /webodm {

When I access the site, I get the 302 redirect, then the subsequent requests get Not Found (404).

302 GET https://<host>/webodm
404 GET https://<host>/login

For grins, if I try https:///webodm/login, I do get ‘something’ further happening:

302 GET https://<host>/webodm
200 GET https://<host>/webodm/login
404's from this point on reading the web site files

But every GET fails at this point. I’m not doing anything special in the startup:

$ sudo ./ start

If anyone has a working nginx config file that they could pass thins along, that would be appreciated.

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I’ve been meaning to set this up myself so I can host some other services at my IP address. For now, I’ve been using the built-in let’s encrypt https cert with built-in nginx. That is a likely great starting place for your config, as it already works flawlessly in proxying WebODM:

I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t, I’m hoping to get to this some time in the near future for my own deployment, time yet to be determined.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll see if I can figure out how to graft your template onto a server with 4 existing proxied services. Your Use Case is a bit different than mine. I’ll post what I find.