Trouble with Measurement Tool - Map and Measure Displacement

Greetings, everyone! Glad to be here!

I just installed WebODM in my computer and am running some tests with it and the results are quite nice! However, I am finding some trouble when I try to use the Measurement Tool.

When I click over the orthophoto I just created, the map drifts away from the point I clicked, marking the wrong position. The smaller the zoom aplied to the orthophoto, the bigger this displacement becomes.

For example:
This is orthophoto over the Projection type UTM. I clicked over the area circled in red (because the mouse pointer weren’t captured in my print screen):

However, after I click, my screen goes over to this place:

And, unfortunately, my starting point is registered in a completely different location, as shown in this photo:

And I don’t know exactly why this is happening. I am running WebODM in Chrome 64-bits, version 100.0.4896.127 (however running on Firefox 64-bits, version 68.0.1 runs into the same problem).

I’ve ran the orthophoto using a local node (node-odm-1) and the options for the process were " auto-boundary: true, dsm: true, fast-orthophoto: true, optimize-disk-space: true".

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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Sorry for the trouble!

This is a regression we literally just patched today, so fixes should be coming out soon.

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First, thank you for the quick reply!

I am somewhat of a new user with the git and ODM universe as a whole, so just to check if we are on the same page, that means that it was a problem on ODM and not on my definitions, and also that it was just found on the code so it isn’t fixed just yet but it will soon?

That’s great to hear!

… That means I’ll have to use git to pull the new files as soon as the new, patched version is released, or use the docker command prompt, like it was said in the readme file, right?

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Yep! You got it perfectly down. Update via the script and it will pull in everything you need :sunglasses:

They should be live by now, so give it a go.

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