Tricks to do photogrammetry with low cost drones

Tricks to do photogrammetry with low cost drones, (they only have waypoint tracing and a camera with time lapse for photos) tested for fimi x8 2020. As they do not have programs for photogrammetric flight planning, we use spreadsheets or apps to calculate the distance between shots and the distance between waypoint lines as As we only control the height, flight speed and time of time lapse shots, different combinations can be given for the same shooting distance, for example 2 m/sec of speed and 5 seconds of time lapse is the same as 5 m/sec and 2 sec of time lapse, another issue is that the camera will be continuously shooting even in waypoint line change maneuvers. Let’s see what happens in these two cases

as can see 2 m/sec speed and 5 sec time lapse, as you can see, shooting points accumulate at the ends of lines and the webodm algorithm gets confused when joining the points of the cloud , if we eliminate the photos of the maneuvers we can align all the photos and ODM can make the points of the cloud better and do the real map

Also if we do the other option 5m/sec speed and 2 sec lapse time have this

And this shots
when when we eliminated the photos of the maneuvers of return

I think that the hardware fimi x8 no have time to process gps or other flavours …opinions?

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