Sw maps geoid file format

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Does anyone have experience with using SW MAPS and would know which file format to use for the geoid file? no where in their manual does it explain the geoid file process, nor the format accepted by the software.

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Do you mean the App: SW Maps - GIS & Data Collector - Apps on Google Play ?

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Developer seems quite nice.

Have you tried to contact their support?

yes however they have not gotten back to me. I have tried a few different file formats and loaded the file into the geoid directory, but its not showing up, which tells me the file is of the wrong format. There is not an import option that I can see. Its really a slick app for taking lat/lon of GCP’s, but to export the data with orthometric altitude you have to use a geoid file, ortherwise ortho height just says 0.

for some strange reason their manual has no explanation or directions for using a geoid file for orthometric altitude but its in the app…

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dev got back to me. sw maps uses the *.gtx file format for the geoid. you can also download eye4software geoid converter to convert geoid files. I converted a .bin file to .gtx for my area and am able to now observe and export data to xls/ods spreadsheet. works like a charm.