Support for processing images from DJI P4 RTK + D-RTK 2 Mobile Station


Is there any plan to support the processing of images from DJI P4 RTK + D-RTK 2 Mobile Station? If you need RTK corrected images for development and test please let me know. I can share the images. Thanks.


but… the pictures taken from P4 RTK is nothing more than .jpg file with geotagging, just more accurate position.

Hello, I also want to know if you will include support for multispectral photos taken with the DJI P4 Multispectral with RTK station. The images generated by each band are .TIFF files. However, when I use the multispectral processing option, bugs appear. I am using WebODM. Likewise, if you need a set of data taken by this drone, I can send it to you without problem.


I can give a it a try, I succesfully stiched a p4 multispectral 30000+ image map ( 26+ hectares ).

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