Software for flight planning

hey, does anyone know of any app or software for flight planning with mavic mini, I have not found :frowning:

Or whit mavic air 2, I’m surprised the air 2 doesn’t have support for flight planning either

DJI released their latest SDK update only a couple of weeks ago, July 27, 2020. In it, they now support the Mavic Mini. It takes time for the 3rd party apps to add support for new products. First DJI must support it in their SDK first, then they have to add support to their existing app, test the app to make sure it works, make sure it is working safely, etc.

Here’s the list of currently supported aircraft as per the latest SDK release:
(Source: DJI SDK v4.13 Release Notes)
Unfortunatally the Mavic Air 2 is too new and is not yet supported by DJI’s SDK. That means that there are no 3rd party apps that can support it either.