Software for flight planning

hey, does anyone know of any app or software for flight planning with mavic mini, I have not found :frowning:

Or whit mavic air 2, I’m surprised the air 2 doesn’t have support for flight planning either

DJI released their latest SDK update only a couple of weeks ago, July 27, 2020. In it, they now support the Mavic Mini. It takes time for the 3rd party apps to add support for new products. First DJI must support it in their SDK first, then they have to add support to their existing app, test the app to make sure it works, make sure it is working safely, etc.

Here’s the list of currently supported aircraft as per the latest SDK release:
(Source: DJI SDK v4.13 Release Notes)
Unfortunatally the Mavic Air 2 is too new and is not yet supported by DJI’s SDK. That means that there are no 3rd party apps that can support it either.


Is there any update here? I have been using Pix4D to plan missions for my Phantom 3 Advanced but it is a hassle to have to first open DJI Go to set the home point, kill all applications on my android device, unplug/plug the USB cable, open Pix4D and hope that it works.
For instance I had the Pix4D locking up on my since I had not wirelessly transferred all images from the drone to my Android device (which takes time compared to just unplugging the SD card and transfer directly to the WebODM machine).
Is there a more natural, open source alternative? By the way, I like the simplicity of Pix4D but I am only using a tiny part of their ecosystem.

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Not sure about open source options, but I’ve been using Dronelink with my P3P and P4P. No issues so far.

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Copterus was inexpensive (like USD 5) and did a pretty decent job planning some straightforward missions. It also easily supports rotating the plans and changing the camera angle on my Mavic Air 2. Your mileage may of course vary.


Hello guys;

After testing DroneDeploy, Pix4D and 3DSurvey Pilot, I’ve come to be using 3DSurvey Pilot as my main app for flight planning and execution. I’m using android 11 with a Moto G8 for the app and a P4P V2.0 as drone.

Check here for the app;

I’ve found some issues but all of the time it was a problem with android and how it handles background applications and had just one issue that was related to the DJI SDK not to the app, gladly the forums of the app were of help to tackle the issue.


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It’s a shame it only works on Apple devices, it looks really nice…

Looks good :+1:

Thank you