Skydio 2 and ODM

Hi! :slight_smile: Don’t know what to write? Try with these:

  • What do you do?
    Atmospheric Scientist/Cloud & Data Engineer/sUAS Pilot (part 107)
  • How did you get into drones?
    I bought one!
  • How are you using/hoping to use the software?
    Generate mapping, 3-D scans without paying a subscription cost
  • What are you working on currently? Any projects you’d like to share or talk about?
    I have a Skydio 2 and would like learn how to use ODM with image output from the Skydio…I may be interested in helping making work with Skydio 2 if there is interest/need

Hey Jeffrey :wave: welcome!

Skydios are nice drones, we’d love to add support for them (if they don’t work already).


Welcome, Jeffrey!

Buying one is the most dangerous way to get into sUAS, because that usually means you’re going to have many more than just the one :rofl:

We should be doing okay with the Skydio 2 for reconstruction:

Further testing and validation is always appreciated!

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Thanks! Is there a generic tutorial on how to collect the imagery? With the subscription software like Drone Deploy, they connect with the skydio to upload a “flight plan” …

anyway, I am kind of new to collecting imagery for processing. I am reasonably technical, but would like to have some general idea on how ODM expects the data.


Do we have a treat for you! You get the full Stephen Mather best-pratices guide:


Are there any open source flight mapping (picture taking) alternatives to Drone Deploy or Skydio’s 3-D scan software/app? I’d love to be able to fly my drone with advanced autonomous flight patterns without paying the subscription fee.

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Interesting drone, only 12mp images but a lot of other stuff that’s sounds very cool.

Some of use would really need a drone that can see al around it to avoid obstacles.

And it would have been cool if the drone could could save the data it makes of the world when flying around.

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ODM is for processing.

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Old thread I know, but I wanted to mention that you can use Drone Deploy or Pix4D Capture to plan and execute your mapping flight for free. You don’t have to use their platforms for processing, and you don’t have to pay for their flight planning apps (last time I checked anyway). They make it very easy to use their processing services of course but you can skip that step.