Since Feb, 2021, My drone camera is still not supported yet. Need drone add into the Odm

Hi, administrators,

I know you are not fully commercial company. And I love your ideas. But it takes 7 months already, and I even can’t see any schedule or timeline.
Is that possible to have some way to request to support specific drone?

This app is already develop so good. But just because the camera it didn’t tune in, then so many people can’t use it for actually work. I know you are important to develop it, but it also important to have more user to use it and users can give you some real life feedback.

I just hope I will have some luck to use this app in my drone.

I have share some datasets in here. Quantix Mapper Multispectral data - #2

Hey @samdrone :hand: the Quantix is actually a difficult camera to integrate in ODM. From the dataset you shared (thanks for that) a brief analisys shows that:

  • Band name tags cannot be trusted in older versions of the camera (I’ve started writing a patch under GitHub - pierotofy/ODM at quantix ). This causes ODM to never identify the dataset as multispectral.
  • Most importantly, the multispectral input images are in JPG, whereas ODM expects them to be in TIFF (most camera manufacturers use TIFF). Since JPGs contain three channels, it trips the code logic in many places.

In short, it’s not a trivial addition.

Need this camera ASAP? Please read How To Request Features — OpenDroneMap 2.6.1 documentation which has good guidelines on how to get the things that you want included in open source projects.

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Thank you for your reply.

I just want to share a story with you.

In this forum, I complain about the Pix4D never listen. But when I just got the drone, I use pix4D to process and it fails. I contacted Pix4D and they did a research and found out the manufacture make some mistakes after upgrade their firmware. Then pix4D contact the manufacture and manufacture make another upgrade.

I would said pix4D did everything super slow except for supporting drone/cameras. Some software functions maybe need long time to develop. But if it doesn’t support the hardware, the user doesn’t have any choices, and have to walk away to find other solutiions.

I will check you link later. Still thank you for your reply.

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