Sharing an Interactive Drone Map - How to?

Hello, I have created a few ODM projects and I’m really impressed. I am wondering if there is a way I can share these interactive maps with my clients. It would be great if they had access to a weblink that could allow them to orbit their model, download assets, and take measurements. Very Similar to viewing the Textured Point Cloud on ODM.

I’m looking for an alternative to DroneDeploy. It’s a great online tool, but too darn expensive. I like the approach of OpenMapping.

I don’t like uploading to SketchFab, the orbit tool sucks and shows no relevant information to a client.

I’m confused how DroneDB works and if this is the service I am looking for. As far as I have experimented I can upload assets, view, and download, but can’t seem to find any interactive map.

Thank you

I don’t like uploading to SketchFab, the orbit tool sucks and shows no relevant information to a client.

What do you mean the orbit tool sucks? Click and drag? Are you using a trackpad?

It’s pretty much the de facto way of orbiting on the web because two-finger slide has other uses, scroll, back, etc.

I find the Sketchfab annotations handy for information.

Maybe i have an incorrect setting, cause when i click and drag it inverts and flips. Its incredibly difficult to navigate to the other side of the model.

If youve used drone deploy, lumion, sketchup or really any other 3D software the orbit tool is far easier to use.

Their orbit function is constrained. It makes things both easier under certain conditions and much harder under other conditions.

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Its incredibly difficult to navigate to the other side of the model.

You can solve this with annotations also.

Tough cause I cant expect clients to figure these things out. You also can measure, do volume or area tasks.

So i guess at this point were just waiting for MapHubs to accept 3D models or use Drone Deploy to share models and have clients use the interactive map?

I find that often my 3D outputs from WebODM are not ideally oriented, and are difficult to view in any viewer without some manipulation. I use Blender to delete extraneous stuff and orient the view the way it should be (in my opinion). After that it is much easier to view in Sketchfab.


I’ve never had output from WebODM that wasn’t oriented according to the real world?

I hope you don’t mind me trying to troubleshoot your Blender issues but as far as rotation:

It’s probably getting imported as Up = Y. You can either change it to Axis Forward: Y, Up: Z or you can simply clear the rotation (Alt + R) and it should be oriented properly.

And for it being difficult to view, I think your viewport clip settings need adjusted. Under the sidebar (N), Clip End = 1000 m add an extra 0.

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You wont see if when the camera is pointing downwards for most or all images, as it only happens when photographing horizontally- trees, statues etc photographed from the ground are where the problem occurs.

That still seems like it shouldn’t happen if your gps coordinates are at least in the right ballpark. Absent any pitch / roll / yaw information–and if using a brute force / exhaustive matching strategy–it would seem like there could only be 2 possible solutions: correct orientation with Z-axis up, and then the exact same thing mirrored across the X-Y plane, effectively making the Z-axis down, but that outcome seems like it should only happen in kind of rare situations.

Almost all of the 3D models of objects I’ve done have been done with a phone, indoors done without GPS. Even outside with GPS, the errors are generally much greater than the movement between images, so probably not not very useful.

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Perhaps. I ran a project yesterday (with a different software, so perhaps not entirely relevant) using… I believe 24 iPhone snapshots plus a couple hundred frames stripped out of a video. As inaccurate and messy as the GPS was… it still got the scale correct on the object. Everything was within a couple percent of correct, even down to a hole with a 28mm ID, a plate with 20mm thickness, etc. I’m really impressed by that, when you consider how far off the GPS locations were.


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