SHARING 3D Model after creation in WebODM

Loving the maps created from my images in WebODM. Once processed, I have the ability to download all assets. Is there a site where I can create an account, upload and share the 3d map? I do not mind paying for a service like this but hope you have recommendations. Thanks in advance!


Hi AtlFilmGuy,

You should try

you can share Point Cloud files and has a 3d visualization module.
It’s useful for measuring distance, area and profiles.


Yep, we’re hard at work to get working for exactly this purpose. It’s still in beta and many planned features are missing, but already usable (give it a try!)

Another alternative would be to host your own instance of WebODM on a public server (e.g. DigitalOcean) and then import your assets there.


Great! I am working on a Mac. After downloading the assets generated by WebODM, can I just upload them at DroneDB or does it require an app to do so? I tried your link above and can see the 2d overhead but the 3d map just loads to a black screen

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You can upload them directly to via the test hub site (from the web, no need to download an app).

What browser are you using? Maybe try with Firefox.

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First just select the Point Cloud File under the PC folder on the left. Then move to the 3D tab and wait until is loaded.

Please let us know if you still need help



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