Setting to turn of mesh creation

I have no use for a mesh but it is computed anyway.

Would be nice to have a checkbox to disable it.

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For all who vote one way or another, please help us out with your User Story here.

Why does this matter? Why did you vote for whatever option?

For instance:
I am mostly concerned with DSM, Ortho, and PC. I do not use the mesh product, so I agree that skipping it would be great for my workflow.

However, the expectation is that we generate such products, so I don’t feel the default behavior of generating the mesh should change. This should be an opt-in flag so we don’t distrupt anyone.

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I’m doing ortho most of the time so it would be handy.
My only concern is that it technically might not be possible to create an ortho without 3d model of some kind.
Must say that things improve in terms of speed now when graphic cards are doing work too.


As I only need the pointcloud and ortho/DSM the creation of a mesh is a waste of processing time.

The larger the project the more time is consumed for processing, if some part of the process is of no use then it’s a waste of time.

A checkbox to disable it would be nice.

I think you said that this part was very hungry for ram also.

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Same as Andreas stated. I don’t need or want the mesh. Pix4D has an option to turn off the mesh. I think it is off by default for mapping.

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It’s fine if there’s an option to disable it, sometimes we only need the orthophoto.

But I’m about to start a new project that we will use 3d mesh for many things, actually, we’ll be using .stl format. I don’t know if it’s possible to have it as a final result.

We’ll be doing buildings, and larger areas such as a entire towns.

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Right now I believe we only support textured OBJ. However, you can use tools like MeshLab, CloudCompare, Blender, etc to convert from OBJ to STL.

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