Save annotation on map

Ive been messing around with web odm and making measurements on maps that i process. i had a thought. when i make annotations on drone deploy and close the map, the annotations remain on the map and load automatically the next time i open it. is this not possible for webodm?

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Currently this feature does not exist. But it would be a great addition. :slight_smile: We’d welcome a pull request!

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i would love to do this, but i dont know how to. can someone guide me?

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This looks promising! I’ll add it to my fork of UAVArena so we can test it out there as well.

(Updated to a better library, IMO)

Some useful links: WebODM Documentation

Knowledge of Javascript/React and some Python/Django probably a requisite. But it’s a really fun journey to learn. I can provide recommendations for books and resources if needed !


please do, one has to get started somewhere.

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Plenty of free resources are also available and the Javascript MDN page is a good place to start as an alternative (although I still recommend the books):

Also for learners that want a more guided approach:





I’m extremely grateful for this. I really need all the guidance i can get. am i feel a sense of security in taking your suggestions seeing how good you are at what you do.


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