RTK options for Mavic 2 Pro?

I’m interested in trying to use GCP and/or RTK/PPK to increase the accuracy of my maps to within at least 5cm, maybe 3cm. Are there any inexpensive solutions for this? UAV-mounted RTK devices, high-accuracy GPS devices to pinpoint GCP placement, etc.

there are some somewhat inexpensive RTK gps devices you buy nowadays. I feel the least expensive of them all would be the ublox zed f9p module which you can get from either spark fun or ardusimple. I personally own a ardusimple rtk kit and it works well using NTRIP for corrections I can get 5cm accuracy… also there is the EMLID line of RTK modules, but will be a bit more pricey. not sure of ppk kits of mavic 2 however.


I wonder if RTK modules added to the UAV w/out GCP is as accurate as a ground-based coordinate finding system w/ GCP. I mean, I understand that attaching RTK to the drone would be easier, but if creating GCPs with a rover or something would be better, I’m not against it if it might require less capital.

Havent had the chance to read it through but this may shine some light.

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Uplanddog, are you using the f9p chip in a Drotek head or on its own? I he been struggling with trying to get the Drotek head programmed on u-blox for use as the base against a Yuneec H520E - RTK.

No. i use an ardusimple board with the f9p to geolocate ground control points.

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