Quality Settings and Processing RTK

So, I have a forest mapping that I did of about 220 acres.
This was done with the Photogrammetry camera on a DJI L1, which is a 20MP camera. I also had RTK enabled with a local D-RTK2 Station.

There are 924 images in total. I have one area that has a chunk missing. This was 80%/80% overlap.

I tried to re-run it a few times, Default, Forest, Fast Orthophoto. Max time for all of these was 90min processing time.

After I still had this missing area, I set it to NOT resize and to use Ultra Quality and increased number of features to 15000. In hope that it might be able to process that chunk. I can’t see any reason why that area shouldn’t process.

We are now at 21 hours processing. The Data folder for this process is currently at 133GB and growing. I think I might have fraked this up. lol It has been using about 25-30% CPU and 77GB-88GB ram. I do have a 512GB swap file but it hasn’t touched it.

In regards to RTK how do I incorporate that into webodm, I have been googling but haven’t found a good guide on how to actually use the MRK file information.

Computer Specs
Ryzen 5950x
128GB Ram
2TB Samsung 980 Pro
2x 4TB Rocket 4 NVMe in Raid 0, this is where WEBODM is installed
8TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD

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That platform should be writing the RTK-quality geolocation into the image EXIF tags, and should be picked up automatically by WebODM during processing.

That’s a large, heavy dataset. I’d let it run provided you keep seeing signs of life (or signs of swap, if no life in CPU/RAM changes).

What was different about that corner? Any change in elevation? If so, overlap/sidelap will not be the same as the rest of the survey unless you also have terrain following enabled. Shadowing? Spectral surfaces (ponds or riverine features)?

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