QGIS integration

This idea is about developing a plugin for QGIS that would allow users to upload, process and import orthophotos, DEMs and other assets directly from QGIS while using the WebODM API (http://docs.webodm.org).


+1 to this idea. We should look at QGIS 3 which is coming out very soon.


This might be a good opportunity: Home · qgis/QGIS Wiki · GitHub

+1M for this.

If I could do my flight planning, GCP creation/validation, processing, viewing (with QGIS’ new 3D capabilities), reviewing all within QGIS?

Absolute perfection.


Is there a doc that shows how to integrate WebODM with QGIS or this still pie in the sky?


Still needs someone to implement it.

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It’s less pie in the sky, and more feasible with point clouds (and meshes?) making their way into QGIS. But, it would require a volunteer with a lot of time, or funding + a developer.

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Point-clouds are going in with PDAL, and Lutra Consulting do have other web point-cloud (potree, entwine) formats listed as stretch-goals, which they should be tackling as they over-funded their drive for PDAL.

As for meshes, MDAL is mostly concerned with spatio-temporal mesh formats, though QGIS is beginning to see some rudimentary “object” (?) mesh format support like PLY via MDAL.

I would love beyond love to see this happen, but as Steven mentioned, this would likely be a big undertaking.

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