Proposed project, panorama stitcher

It’s common for drones to be able to capture 360 degree images for creating a panorama.

Hugin is a good software for stitching panoramas, but is not web based and lacks the GIS component.

ImageStitching is a program that seems to work well for this purpose: Adaptive Multigrid Solvers (Version 12.00) (also lacks GIS component).

Would there be interest for such a project?


I would be interested! I am currently using microsoft image composite editor to stitch and krpano/cms4vr to view 360 panoramas panoramas.

Not sure how I could help with the project, but I would be interested in using the final product.


Would be very interested since I think a 360 pano is a very easy to understand situational awareness tool that can be created/used while more detailed maps are processed.

Keep in mind that is pretty typical to use HDR techniques:

I use PTGui in my 360 workflow.

Working on building a frame that will carry a Sony A6000 out front for better panos so can help test.

You could always use a 360 camera to capture 360 images. I am told the Theta has best stitching. They are all low res and noisy though. The Z1 might be better. I use ptgui for stitching, it is lightening fast. The best set-up for shooting is with a full frame camera, 8mm rokinon or samyang (same thing) then shoot 4 horizontal images maybe tilted up 2.5%-5%. Shoot in raw and convert to jpeg before stitching.

I would love to try using fisheye images or 360images to model the interior of properties. I do this with virtual tours, but the linking between images is arduous. is a solution.

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Reviving this thread to add that Hugin is based off of Panorama Tools download |, so an automated stitcher based on panotools could be possible.


omg, I would love if someone implemented this.

In my previous life I developed a timelapse gigapixel camera system and we automated a pano stiching platform using the Gigapan tools software, but that stopped working years ago and I’ve been waiting for ages for someone to build another version we could spin up easily in the cloud. We still have a PTZ IP camera recording a 700 image panos every day at the National Arboretum in Canberra, but atm we are just collecting the overlapping images since I haven’t had the time or resources to build out a robust stitching pipeline.