Processing with a mix of cameras

I have only processed images from my drone where the same camera was used for taking every image in my reconstruction project. I would like to add images from other cameras and I have two uses for this… 1) add several shots from the same hand held camera to get additional images that were hard to get coverage from the drone, and 2) add a single shot from multiple cameras (security cameras on the building) in order to get the security camera poses figured out by leveraging the initial stages of the reconstruction.

For 1) I assume this is fairly straight forward… but how does the color difference throw off the texturing? Has anyone had good results with mixed cameras?

For 2) how would it get the intrinsics of the camera with just a single image. I assume that for the drone camera the intrinsics are computable because there is are lots of images to do a bundle adjustment with and figure it out. Can I (or must I) calibrate the camera to get intrinsics manually for each stationary security cameras and just have it figure out the pose. Was hoping someone might have some guidance before I spend too much time experimenting.


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