Problems with images of a phantom rtk? the results is not good


These days I processed 3 datasets both online and locally, the two datasets that went wrong, not even the orthophoto is seen and in the point cloud they came out as 20 points were images of a rtk phantom and the dataset that came out excellent was a phantom 4 pro, I do not know if the rtk camera is in the database or something is missing, the 3 used the same processing parameters, I am not a programmer, I do not know the subject, that’s why I consult them.

thank you



please tell us more about processing parameters used.
Did you use --force-gps in settings?


In the two RTK dataset all parameters were by default, only the DTM generation was included extra, in one if using GCP and in another not. The GCPs were created in the interface with the ODM software in the same requested format.