Point cloud density

Good day,
First of all thanks for the community who are helping with this open source project.

I’ve been playing around with WebODM (OpenDroneMap) to create some 3d models. orthomosaics, and hopefully I’ll learn how to create DTMs in the near future (to be used in Autodesk Civil3D). Problem is that my point clouds are not dense enough; density in good in one horizontal axis but not in the other, vertical seems to be good. I’ve been changing the settings on trial-error basis but it takes a toll on my Dell Precision M6700 (i7-3740QM, 32gb ram, nvidia k4000m 4gb ddr5, ssd). See link to the map in here:

Any ideas?


It’s a bug, thanks for reporting the problem. See https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/411