Please help in Error in "Process exited with code 1"

Hi, I just installed the webobm today in win10, i7, 16G ram,
I try some images. All I used in pix4d filed before. There are multi-bands images including RGBs.

I can’t finish any projects.
First I used couple hundreds images. fail.
Then I reduce the images even to 10, it sill failed.
The error is as below.
Is the problem I don’t install correctly or other pre process required?

My data are in Google Drive. f28fail - Google Drive

“Process exited with code 1” means that part of the processing failed. Sometimes it’s a problem with the dataset, sometimes it can be solved by tweaking the Task Options and sometimes it might be a bug! If you need help, upload your images somewhere like DroneDB or Google Drive and open a topic on our community forum, making sure to include a copy of your task’s output. Our awesome contributors will try to help you!

Thank you.

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one of 59 images, the logs

INFO] Initializing ODM - Tue Feb 09 01:51:12 2021
[INFO] ==============
[INFO] build_overviews: False
[INFO] camera_lens: auto
[INFO] cameras: {}
[INFO] crop: 3
[INFO] debug: False
[INFO] dem_decimation: 1
[INFO] dem_euclidean_map: False
[INFO] dem_gapfill_steps: 3
[INFO] dem_resolution: 5
[INFO] depthmap_resolution: 640
[INFO] dsm: False
[INFO] dtm: False
[INFO] end_with: odm_report
[INFO] fast_orthophoto: False
[INFO] feature_quality: ultra
[INFO] feature_type: sift
[INFO] force_gps: False
[INFO] gcp: None
[INFO] geo: None
[INFO] gps_accuracy: 10
[INFO] ignore_gsd: False
[INFO] matcher_distance: 0
[INFO] matcher_neighbors: 8
[INFO] matcher_type: flann
[INFO] max_concurrency: 12
[INFO] merge: all
[INFO] mesh_octree_depth: 11
[INFO] mesh_size: 200000
[INFO] min_num_features: 18000
[INFO] name: eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220
[INFO] optimize_disk_space: False
[INFO] orthophoto_compression: DEFLATE
[INFO] orthophoto_cutline: False
[INFO] orthophoto_no_tiled: False
[INFO] orthophoto_png: False
[INFO] orthophoto_resolution: 5
[INFO] pc_classify: False
[INFO] pc_csv: False
[INFO] pc_ept: False
[INFO] pc_filter: 2.5
[INFO] pc_las: False
[INFO] pc_quality: medium
[INFO] pc_rectify: False
[INFO] pc_sample: 0
[INFO] primary_band: auto
[INFO] project_path: /var/www/data
[INFO] radiometric_calibration: none
[INFO] rerun: None
[INFO] rerun_all: False
[INFO] rerun_from: [‘odm_report’]
[INFO] resize_to: 2048
[INFO] skip_3dmodel: False
[INFO] skip_band_alignment: False
[INFO] skip_report: False
[INFO] sm_cluster: None
[INFO] smrf_scalar: 1.25
[INFO] smrf_slope: 0.15
[INFO] smrf_threshold: 0.5
[INFO] smrf_window: 18.0
[INFO] split: 999999
[INFO] split_image_groups: None
[INFO] split_overlap: 150
[INFO] texturing_data_term: gmi
[INFO] texturing_outlier_removal_type: gauss_clamping
[INFO] texturing_skip_global_seam_leveling: False
[INFO] texturing_skip_local_seam_leveling: False
[INFO] texturing_tone_mapping: none
[INFO] tiles: False
[INFO] time: False
[INFO] use_3dmesh: False
[INFO] use_exif: False
[INFO] use_fixed_camera_params: False
[INFO] use_hybrid_bundle_adjustment: False
[INFO] verbose: False
[INFO] ==============
[INFO] Running dataset stage
[INFO] Loading dataset from: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/images
[INFO] Loading images database: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/images.json
[INFO] Found 59 usable images
[INFO] Coordinates file already exist: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/odm_georeferencing/coords.txt
[INFO] Parsing SRS header: WGS84 UTM 10N
[INFO] Finished dataset stage
[INFO] Running split stage
[INFO] Normal dataset, will process all at once.
[INFO] Finished split stage
[INFO] Running merge stage
[INFO] Normal dataset, nothing to merge.
[INFO] Finished merge stage
[INFO] Running opensfm stage
[WARNING] /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/opensfm/image_list.txt already exists, not rerunning OpenSfM setup
[WARNING] Detect features already done: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/opensfm/features exists
[WARNING] Match features already done: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/opensfm/matches exists
[WARNING] Found a valid OpenSfM tracks file in: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/opensfm/tracks.csv
[WARNING] Found a valid OpenSfM reconstruction file in: /var/www/data/eb718ac9-6799-4542-b2c4-c655a889a220/opensfm/reconstruction.json
[ERROR] The program could not process this dataset using the current settings. Check that the images have enough overlap, that there are enough recognizable features and that the images are in focus. You could also try to increase the --min-num-features parameter.The program will now exit.

Are you able to process a test dataset such as Brighton Beach ?

If so the installation is probably OK.

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Try it now.

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Yes. I can finish this sample one.

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thank you for your help.
First, the app should be installed correctly. thank you. [pierotofy]

Does webODM provide the NVDI and so on result in muti-bands images?

except the sample one, I don’t success in any images yet.

Do I need to Pre-Process something before loading into webODM?

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