Pitch roll yaw

Does OpenDroneMap take in count pitch, roll, yaw from exif when processing orthomosaics. Found nothing in tutorial. In 2015 user forum messages was information that for that time ODM not supported pitch, roll, yaw.

It’s still not supported. It’s a rare and extremely expensive IMU that gives accurate enough values for us to use. You would need something on the order of IMUs that are used for Lidar, and it still wouldn’t gain much if any accuracy over photogrammetric matching and structure from motion.


Yep, no support as of yet. Although inaccurate, other software uses the IMU values to set a priori value to the bundle adjustment problem (as a “best-guess” initial estimate), which would help the program converge to a solution more quickly.

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Yes, I suppose much as even poorly know GPS positions are useful for initiating the model, any additional pose graph info could help.