Pc-quality understanding and point cloud density


I am wondering what is the meaning of the pc-quality parameter and more precisely what is its link to density of pointcloud. (Of course I have read this)

Let’s say I have some data and I know that I would not benefit from more points than one each 0,1m. Of course I could use the sample parameter for this but it is just post-processing sampling.
Is there a way to fine-tune this parameter (saving some computation) depending on the feature-quality one and the desired output density ?

Thank you for your hints and answers


This is an interesting question! The depthmaps are scaled according to image dimensions in pixels, so figuring out how that would or wouldn’t interplay with desired spatial resolution of the dense point cloud is quite interesting… I’m going to have to do some digging, but I’m not sure I understand the internals well enough to give you much guidance yet!

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