Orthophoto tiles better quality

Good Morning.

I use the orthophoto tiles and 3D tiles obtained from webodm for a webapp but I have noticed the orthophoto tile is lower quality than the original .tif or .png result.

Do you know if that’s normal and if there’s any way to change that?

I use webodm.net for processing.

Original .tif

tile result from webodm viewed on cesiumjs

Original .tif tiled by CesiumION

Thanks so much

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orthophoto_resolution has a default value of 5. Lowering it will increase quality/sharpness. For very detailed, I go as low as 0.5. Lowering this value will add additional time to processing and can be a lot compared to default.


Yeah but that’s not about the orthophoto resolution, isn’t it? The orthophoto looks good in .tif format… The thing is that the tiled orthophoto don’t keep tht resolution… Seems to be lower.


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Have you tried rendering the tileset in something else, like QGIS or Leaflet?

It is lower (probably usually) lower. It is defined in ODM/opendm/tiles in the generate_tiles definition as generating tiles from 5-21.

I would open an issue here requesting additional zoom depth:

I tend to generate tiles to 22 or 23 for drones, but it’s a good discussion to have. Alternatively, we could use the GSD calculation to choose the zoom depth, which might be the more correct way to do it.


That sounds pretty flawless.

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Thanks, now I understand why this happens


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