Orthophoto. Projection on a vertical plane

I want to build an orthophoto with drone images of a slope (cliffs), is it possible to make projection on a vertical plane?


Thanks for your answer.
I’m running ODM through Docker, how can I change the plane of projection? by default is built on an overhead plane.

@ITWarrior, I don’t think that’s what was meant, but as always it’s great to see the projects you are up to.

@Mar, there is no trivial way (at the moment) to do what you want, but you could get something pretty close by loading the textured mesh into meshlab, finding the perspective you want, Toggle Orthographic Camera (under the View menu) and then File:Save Snapshot to create an image from it.

Caveats – you have limited control of resolution and it won’t have a coordinate system, but it will be a proper off-nadir orthophoto.

Alternatively, a modification starting with https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ODM/blob/master/modules/odm_orthophoto/src/OdmOrthoPhoto.cpp would be the more robust approach. I’ve long dreamed of being able to do this… .

One more possible approach would be to do this in Blender, using some adapted version of these scripts.