OPF: Open Photogrammetry Format

Hi Everybody,

I just saw this message on the pix4d blog:

“OPF is a fully open and free specification, which means that it is now possible to store, exchange, and collaborate on photogrammetric data between different parties and software products - even if the software is developed by different companies”

I think it would be nice to have a free, open format to interchange projects between different software products (in the future). Curious about your thoughts.

More info at: GitHub - Pix4D/opf-spec: Specification for our Open Photogrammetry Format (OPF)

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I’d be wary of any format that is under the control of a single closed-source corporation.


I have the same read. I’m not clear on the overall play – but a single proprietary entity releasing and controlling an open standard is rarely for benevolent reasons in the long term, even when it is well intentioned at the beginning as it is entirely subject to whatever leadership of that entity decides.