OpenDroneMap - Enable GPU Processing

hi all - new user here. Looks like this was already answered previously but just thought I’d dbl check. I noticed on a job output it says it’s not using the gpu - was hoping if it bothered mentioning if it was using the gpu or not that means it was an option i could turn on somewhere?



It is more an option you can turn off, provided the environment and the hardware are sufficient to enable GPU processing.

How do have your OpenDroneMap installed? What are the specs of your system that you’re running on?

I installed with whatever default options it came with for the webodm installer. I’m running windows 10 pro, intel i9-x7940x cpu (3.1ghz, 14 physical cores), 32gb ram, rtx 3080 video card. If you need any additional information please let me know.

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That’s excellent, thanks for the detail!

Hmm, I think you’d be able to force it on, but I’m not entirely sure how yet.

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