Northing and Easting, X Y. GCP, projections

I thought it was international within geodesy to name the northing axix X and easting axis Y. Apparently Im wrong since its reversed in webODM (yes it took some hours to find out) =).

Where is this not the case? In Scandinavia - northern Europe - its a praxis.

Hmm, not sure about that. Worldwide coordinates are Lat, Long ( ie north/south, then east/west).

In the UK I would use E, N, Z (Easting, Northing, Elevation). I have used survey equipment which is US-centric, which defaults to N, E, Z.

ODM / WedODM uses Lat/Long (GPS) or E,N,Z (GCPs) as standard.

I’d also add that its standard practise in maths that up is the Y axis, and right is the X axis.

Conventions for XY YX ordering are multiple. In short, there is no commonly agreed upon convention.