New User - Where to Download Open Drone Map?

I’m lost newbie to the community. Can anyone direct me to where I can find out more information about downloading and installing Drone Map?

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There are a few ways to get OpenDroneMap, depending upon your host platform and how you wish to install/run it. Also, please bear in mind that OpenDroneMap (ODM) specificially is a console/command-line tool, and WebODM is the graphical front-end to it.

Please check out here for paid installers (which directly support OpenDroneMap development):

Please check the GitHub for self-compile instructions:

Please check Docker Hub for docker installs:

Please check Snapcraft for snap installs:

Just want to get started with software and create some 3D images. Simple objects

General workflow and getting familiar with the software is best accomplished by reading:

Or optionally, the excellent OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide reference by Piero (funds direct development of OpenDroneMap):


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How long should it take to import a file for a project that I created

That depends upon a myriad of inter-related factors.

What are your machine specs, what are the project parameters, etc?

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