Micasense Troubles

I flew a micasense mission over a patch about 500mx400m at 60m elevation.
The mission had 80% overlap. I ended up with 8200 images or so.
WebODM runs the process just fine but there are gaps in the resulting mosaic and blurred areas in the remaining coverage.
I have processed micasense before with no issues from about 80m elevation.
It was windy the day I flew and the drone was tipped forward as it headed into the wind maybe 15 degrees. Could this be causing my issues?
I have tried removing the rows headed into the wind with no better result.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

First, check if the rolling distortion update covers your drone. Next check how many gap filler steps you use. Then check for pc-rectify. This may help you. There are also plenty of similar post with problems like this.

It seems like a very large number of photos for only 20 hectares.

Are the images blurred due to drone speed/exposure time?

I don’t see anywhere a description of the rolling shutter update. And wouldn’t it be particular to a camera and not a drone? I believe Micasense cameras have global shutters anyway.

Gordon, it is a Micasense camera so divide that number by 5 imagers. So in my case 8990/5=1798.
Is 60m too low to fly that? I can’t think of why it would matter?
All the images I looked at appear clear (though with the different spectra it is a little hard to tell)

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Not at all, so long as your exposure time is short enough to avoid motion blur at the speed you are flying.

I found that Sift works much better when there’s a lot of tricky angles, it does take a lot more time to match though.

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