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I’m new to WebODM, but I’m having a lot of success with creating maps and images so far. I’m getting to the point where I’m checking my outputs, and something interesting is happening to my 3D models: they are being turned on their side. I’m only using 3D Viewer on Windows. I’ve processed the map as a 3D Model on WebODM, and did not change any of the settings on the process.
I’ve attached an image to show what I mean.

I’d like to align the ground with the grid for an easier viewing experience. Any thoughts on how to go about this? I’m open to many options, mainly because Windows’ 3D Viewer probably isnt the greatest option out there.
Thank you all!



This behavior is pretty normal, as well, different programs have different ideas of what the normal for a dataset should be.

Is Z up, forward, etc, haha.

So, technically the file is fine and as-to-spec for the WaveForm OBJ format. You might be able to swap the normal direction with something like Blender which has a toggle to import OBJ with 90d rotation.


The same thing happened when I exported and converted a 3D model into Google Earth.

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Have you tried sketchfab? Log in to your Sketchfab account - Sketchfab
I frankly don’t know how to resolve your issues in webodm, but on a side note, sketchfab handles this sort of thing very well, even though it’s not instantly intuitive. I’ve also found that the mapped PNG’s that WebODM puts out can be resized in order to reduce overall file upload size (you can rename them as JPG’s in the log file that is used by the OBJ).

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