Localhost 8000 not working now

I had successfully processed images back in February but now typing http://localhost8000 or using my ip in a browser leads me to my ISP’s search results

I followed the instructions from another user concerning updating through gitbash, a tried again. Same result.

What did I miss?

Am I the only one that this happened to? I used Chrome as the browser at first but also tried Brave with the same results. Obviously, I’ve had Windows 10 updates and the aforementioned update through the Gitbash commands, but I would assume everyone else has done the same.

Is the URL you posted above exactly what you’ve put into the browsers? If so, it is malformed.

You’re missing the colon between the server’s URL and the port.

It should look more like this:

Thanks for the sharp eyes. You are a genius!


Just lucky! Done that a few times before myself :wink:

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