Let's compare ODM! [Data Challenge, earn a badge]

@HAWK-i.us just noticed that the DEMs are exported using colors. Is it possible to export them using GeoTIFF RAW data values?

The 3 projects are on Dropbox - ODM_Compare - Simplify your life

In each zip file, you have a report file (with indication of coordinate system) and 2 sub directories for results.



I used version 1.5.2.
Looks like 1.6.2 is out though, if you would prefer me to try this version I could install it over the top and hopefully the free trial will carry on as normal.

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Either way, but would be nice if it matched the version @smathermather has (is it the latest?) so that all three datasets are processed using the same version.

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Yes on GeoTIFF RAW DEM’s. Am tied up until late afternoon, but should have the RAW versions up early evening.

FOLLOW UP EDIT: Drone Deploy definitely offers the RAW DEM, but once again they have structured their a la carte marketing plan to get you to trade up on subscription level. Mine is ONLY $1200/yr if bought a year at a time, and it won’t allow the RAW DEM’s export. Won’t process GCP’s either. What a bargain, eh? Jumps to $1800/yr if paid monthly!

Sorry I won’t be able to provide the RAW DEM’s. Stuck with the colorized. Haven’t looked to see if QGIS could change it to grayscale. Might get a chance to check that tonight.

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Added is fine :+1: Thanks!

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Preview of the tool:


Sounds like you’re covered on the Agisoft front, but I have a licensed version of Metashape Standard 1.6.1 if needed.

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Man, I missed out :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Great work, all.

I’m seeing if DroneMapper would contribute a trial license so we can add their spin to the results dataset. Could be really interesting since they use some forked components from OpenDroneMap with other packages rolled in.

Some notes I had back when I did agricultural sUAS survey work:

I know the current focus is on a full suite with 3D/point-cloud data, but if there is interest/value in evaluating “rapid” 2D-only pipelines in the future, Microsoft ICE and Pix4D Fields are both candidates I recommend. I made use of both for days where the growers demanded same-day turn-around and terrain data wasn’t needed.


JP from DroneMapper here. We just sent out a trial license code for processing comparison. One thing to note, our cloud/desktop software was forked from MicMac 10 years ago (similar to pix4d/etc)… We contributed back the NodeMicMac module that plugs into ODM.

I would be happy to help determine optimal settings for the data sets if needed. Let me know



JP, welcome and thanks so much for joining us, and helping to contribute to this dataset.

I look forward to receiving your email regarding the trial, and will ping you for any settings tweaks you might recommend once I process all three “vanilla” with defaults.

Thanks also for your contributions upstream back to OpenDroneMap :slight_smile:

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No problem. I sent you an activation code.
I’ll take a look at the datasets as well, we just released a new DEM construction algorithm that provides so nice enhancements. Let us know if you have questions. Thanks,

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Oh yeah, DroneMapper or NodeMicMac would also be cool to add to the comparison.


JP, I’d like you to grab the badge once I get these processed.

@pierotofy, can you make sure JP gets the dataset processing badge once we get DroneMapper data included?


Thanks JP! Really appreciate the help with this, and also with the NodeMicMac module. I know you guys have been working in this area longer than most. Also for what it’s worth… I lived in Colorado for quite a while and the Paonia/Hotchkiss/Cedaredge area is easily one of my favorite parts of the state.


Processed Sand Key on agi and webodm but i’m having projection issues.

Going to process it again, but it’s currently not comparable.

I’ve also re uploaded the point cloud for my earlier metashape Brighton Beach comparison. I don’t think the original i uploaded had the correct projection.


We are happy to be involved. Thank you
If anyone else would like to experiment with the software, let us know. I’m teaching a remote drone class for University of South Carolina this week but I’ll start digging into the data sets asap as well.

Agreed Corey - we love western Colorado


Great challenge - thank you! Missed out…

Can anyone point to recommended works/papers on quantitative metrics/methods for comparison b/w ortho outputs, DSM outputs etc so as to compare data as in the above?


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I’ve begun compiling DroneMapper results here:


Aukerman - Metashape (1.5.2)

2cm GSD for Orthos
jpg compression used in Metashape
Default DEM for metashape (11.1cm GSD)
Default DSM for WebODM (default GSD)
No gradual selection used in Metashape, all default.
Highest accuracy alignment in Metashape - 40,000 key point, 10,000 tie point.
Medium pointcloud detail in Metashape
ESPG 32617 Projection