Learn and contribute

Hello community,
I hope you are doing well.

I am Ayoub FATIHI, a student at the Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Department in IAV Hassan ii Institute, Rabat, Morocco.

I am passionate about coding, gis, photogrammetry, computer vision & machine learning.
But I am a beginner, I have some coding skills in python.
I have completed some projects using ODM CL, and I have tested WebODM,
And I am interested in workflows of merging multiple data sources (aerial imagery, lidar data, …).
Plus I am aware of the importance of open source.

So I want to learn more about ODM and contribute to it.
I took a little tour in this forum and I have found this entry that join my inquiry.

Your help, advice, and time are much appreciated.

Thank you.




Welcome, Ayoub!

Sounds like you’re off to a great start!

Since you said you have some python skills, I wonder if maybe you’d not get a nice “inside view” of WebODM by taking a look at the GitHub tracker for issues that might be beginner friendly?


Great idea! I will be exploring the issues soon. Thank you.