It's not LiDAR - but it's a very respectable result!

Pre-historic hut circles and cultivation remains in the Scottish Highlands. It’s not LiDAR, but an excellent result from 80m AGL.


Absolutely stunning!

What was your setup and processing parameters?

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Mavic 3M, 80m AGL. 1154 images (nadir), processed in WebODM. Default settings applied, adjusted to PC quality high (IIRC). This is a zoomed in shot, not the entire dsm.


This was the entire area mapped - lots of prehistoric archaeology - hut circles, boundaries, cairns and cultivation remains.


That’s awesome! I’m doing the same thing with Native American Effigy Mounds in Wisconsin.


Fantastic result - could you explain a wee bit further what we are seeing here?


I don’t have the full write-up done yet, but if you have ODM v3.1.0, try re-processing with the same settings and comparing your DEM products :sunglasses:


Both of these projects are revealing so much newly discovered DETAIL !
Hats off to you guys for doing these fly-overs and compilations; and for helping to preserve (or at least to document) history!
… which for some, wouldn’t be affordably possible without the dedicated hard work and ingenuity of these open source ODM developers.
… im trying my best to do something similar at a West Tennessee site (1830-1870’s), before the spring canopy of leaves and thick trees hide the subtle details at the marshy ground of beaver dam pools. Water reflections and changes in elevation beside an old river bed bluff are playing havoc with my DEM results. :confused:

I’ll be buying the eBook :slight_smile:

BTW, perhaps this question should be a separate thread?
What would be the html ulr access address to pull the NASA LIDAR (aka World HillShade ~2M?) as the Layer Base Map? I can do this in QGIS, but so far, not while using the WebODM 3D viewer. I’ve not successfully ‘custom’ layered it (linked it),.
I can provide a link to the World HillShade layer, if allowed, or if anyone is interested. Mac


This is a Native American effigy mound site containing two fork tailed bird effigies, a small bear effigy, and seven conical mounds. Sadly, you can make looter’s pits in two of the conical mounds. The land is currently a goat pasture.


If you can pull LIDAR data from the state or counties of Tennessee that is probably best. I have imported several counties in Wisconsin and have spent 100’s of hours identifying undocumented sites and turning them over to the Wisconsin State Historical Society. They are working on my data now and I should have a finally tally of new sites soon! :slight_smile:


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