Issue in using measurement tools

Hi, I am a new user to WebODM. I installed it a few days back and I am trying to upload some projects and testing the results. They are pretty good.
I am also trying different measurement tools. In the 3D view of my maps, I am not able to use some specific measurement tools. Not sure whether I am using it incorrectly or if there is a bug.

Measurement Tool


  1. Volume measurement (sphere) - not showing the value
  2. Height Profile- as seen in a tutorial video, when the tool is used a separate tab opens at the bottom of the map which shows the height at different points on the height profile line
  3. Annotations- I am able to add annotation, but can’t edit the title or description
  4. 6th tool in 1st row (left to right) (N*) - That icon doesn’t show the name of the tool, and when I use that tool and place the point on the map, it just freezes the view. I have to delete it in order to move the map again.

It would be great if anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance


I’m having the same sort of problems. No fixes yet?