Import ODM output into WebODM and 2D Google Map Tiles

Sorry - just getting started with these tools and have what I expect are 2 stupid, newbie questions…

Question 1:
I’m running on an iMac and have ODM installed via Docker. I processed 585 images of a local golf course and now I find I’d like to work with this project in WebODM. How can I export/import the processing results from ODM into WebODM. It seems like the only option is to upload the images and let WebODM do all the processing again… but there must be something easier, right?

Question 2:
I’m using Hangar Autopilot and want to create waypoint missions in an area with poor Google Basemap imagery. Autopilot has an option that will let me specify my own map tile server with updated hi-res imagery in the standard z/x/y.png format. I thought that OpenDroneMap would generate these 2D tiles for me but I can’t find them in the output files. So - how do I take my ODM output and use it to generate the XYZ png files? Can I do it from ODM or do I need a 3rd party utility? Any advice is welcome.


Hey @Tenly2000 :hand:

So importing files processed with software other than WebODM (including ODM) is currently not supported (but we’d love contributions to implement this, see

One exception is if you have processed the images with NodeODM - AND - you have checked the “Generate Tiles” option, which generates the necessary tiles for WebODM.

OpenDroneMap does not generate web tiles, but NodeODM and WebODM do. WebODM will do this transparently, whereas in NodeODM you need to check the “Generate Tiles” option.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. One additional question: Is it possible to copy completed jobs from one instance of WebODM to another?

After receiving your first reply, I tried to process a set of photos with WebODM - and it finished successfully - but then the UI was completely unresponsive (Page not found). So I stopped WebODM and tried to restart it - and have been stuck here for 16 hours. When I issue the start command, it downloads a bunch of files (pulling node-odm-1) including a 1.047GB file which takes almost an hour on this slow network I’m stuck with for the next 2 days. When the download finishes, it extracts - but then the extraction of the next file freezes at 30-60% and I’m stuck starting all over again. I’ve restarted Docker (on my iMac), restarted the computer and attempted this about 10 times so far. If there is a way to fix this - please let me know. If not, i’ll install a Linux VM with parallels and try installing it there I guess.

I’m not sure why it needs to download a 1GB file over and over. This was a working installation of WebODM yesterday morning…?