HPC Scheduler (e.g. Slurm) integration for ClusterODM


Firstly - fantastic project, well done to all involved.

What I’d be interested in is for ClusterODM to support HPC job schedulers, i.e. Slurm, in the same way it supports cloud services for auto scaling of tasks. I can’t seem to find any reference to this, so I’m adding in as a feature request unless anyone can tell me different!

Currently, I have WebODM Docker container running on a VM, handing off to ClusterODM (running as a Singularity container) running on a HPC gateway node which then passes tasks to NodeODM which I run manually as a Singularity container via Slurm. It would be great if ClusterODM could automatically submit Slurm jobs on the HPC that start the containers for processing creating an auto scaling system.

If anyone has any questions on this or wants clarifications, then just let me know!



Hey @ChrisCollins :hand: definitely sounds like a feature request. We would welcome contributions to implement this one.