How to have 2 separate instances of WebODM running on the same hardware?


I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but I was wondering how I might go about running multiple instances of WebODM on the same machine. I need to use it for 2 users that cannot have access to each other’s data at all. both users will get the web interface but no terminal access. What’s the proper procedure? Bonus points if we can point the second instance at a second hard drive but use the same processing node so it will actually queue properly and not blow up the server.



Is splitting the system into two virtual machines an option? You can use VMware vSphere ESXi (can get free license from them), or virtualbox



The use case is of a commercial nature and I can’t pay for VMware yet. Virtualbox can’t run nested because of the VT-x limitations. Cant pass through multiple VMs at once.