How do I create my own drone Web app

Hello Everyone, We want to create a number of features on drone data.

  1. Our end users should be able to upload files from any drone.
  2. We will develop algorithms on the drone data … quiet specific solutions specific to an industry.
  3. What architecture should we leverage … keen to use open source rather than pay someone like drone deploy on an on-going basis
  4. What programming language will my developers develop in?
    We are happy to talk to any experts if required.

Hi, Amit. It sounds like you’re starting a business venture. You should develop a relationship with a technical co-founder to research options, pick direction, guide the system development, and share the risks and rewards with you. A few forum discussions won’t be enough to execute a successful solution. This is a good article on that topic.


It is correct - We are wanting to develop a platfrom (software solution ) on drone data. 1. we dont want to capture the drone imagery ourselves. Once the data is thier it is software on top of it to do things. We are willing to hire anyone who can give us technology direction on this - what software, sdk , programming language to use as our base and then develop it. We know all the algorithms but dont know where to start for drone file image progressing and subsequent development by technical team.amit

Any further thoughts on this - We continue to loop for technology architecture for this please.

I built one which I think matches your requirements:

I’m actually looking to exit the drone market and focus on other areas of our core business (IT automation) as our AeroSurvey brand has been greatly impacted by a reduction in business locally and internationally due to Covid as customers haven’t been able to produce surveys, and therefore haven’t had a requirement to process them. I was considering just turning everything off, but if you’re keen to purchase the rights to the software it’ll probably save you a lot of money in developing your own. I’ve also got the domain which I haven’t developed beyond a redirect, so you could even use that if you wanted to. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

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