Hello ODM Community! My name is Travis!

I’m new to the Drone industry and I’m currently studying to take my Part 107 test this week! I have background experience with web integrations and I’m no coding genius, to say the least but I do know some basic HTML, CSS, and java, python, and how to operate different versions of Linux.

I going to start out in the real estate industry by taking photos and videos of properties to be advertised. I’d like to transition to commercial work within a year of starting in the drone industry. Things like infrared imaging and construction monitoring.

I have just created my first topic!
Here: Using WebODM with VirtualBox

I’m excited to get started and help some other people along the way!

- Travis


Hi, welcome! :raised_hand:



Looks like you’ve got a solid plan and vision for yourself, so you’re very likely going to be successful at what you’ve laid out! Excellent stuff!

When you get up and running, show off some stuff :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I will be happy to share some things in the future!


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