[Funding Effort] Apple M1 Support

https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ODM/pull/1338 has been merged.

In a few hours we begin the final testing phase. :partying_face:


Well, I thought I’d have an update by yesterday, but turns out building for multiple architectures automatically on GitHub is proving difficult due to the slowness of compiling for ARM using software emulation (the only easy way to do this). And we have lots of stuff to compile in ODM.

Stay tuned… we’ll get this running.

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Our build time is now 9+ hours for a multi-arch build (up from ~2 hours) but it works!

Docker images for ODM/NodeODM/WebODM are now available for both amd64 and arm64, which makes them compatible with the Apple M1 (and might work with Raspberry PIs too, although we have to confirm).

Thanks to everyone that funded this campaign; it definitely helped get this done. :partying_face:

Feel free to test / report any issues on GitHub or on a new thread.


Sounds amazing! I wish I could test/confirm Pi for you but I only have Pi 1B here.

If that changes, I’ll give it a go!